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                > 关于AG九游 > 关于AG九游

                     福建AG九游日化有限公司是一家集研发、生产、营销为一体的新型综合性企业。AG九游公司厂房总面积为19000 平方米,座落于美丽宁静的凤凰山旁,企业以创新技术为依托,拥有了先进的生产设备,标准化生产场地及一支高效管理、技术产品研发队伍。自1995年成立以来,凭着先进的生产设备,健全的质量保证体系,完善的生产工艺和极富竞争力的市场价格优势,产品在市场稳步健康发展……



                   Fujian Just Daily Chemical Co. Ltd. is a new comprehensive company integrated with research and development, production and marketing. Located besides the beautiful Phoenix Mountain, Just Daily Lotion Co. has a factory with a total area of 19,000 square meters. Based on high technique, the company owns a set of advanced equipments, a standard production site and an effective R&D team.

                  Since its establishment in the year 1995, with the advanced equipments, perfect quality system and production process as well as competitive market prices, this company has been developing steadily and soundly.

                  Believing in "survive with good quality, develop with high credit", this company has many customers and enjoys a good marketing network throughout China. Just Daily Lotion Co. Ltd. has established a friendly, harmonious and beneficial relationship with the customers as well as a good image. The company's own brands "andibaby" and "Qiqi" have meet the demand of washing and skin-caring among children from 0 to 15 years old. The products in this company are greatly accepted and approved in the market.

                  New century, new image. In the future, Just Daily Lotion Co. Ltd. will constantly strive for perfection and create a brighter future together with our customers.